Encaustic Painting

Things you might need for encaustic painting:

A fry pan, or a manufactured aluminum sheet (with legs that allow it to sit above a heating element)

fry pan

Brushes - natural bristle, not synthetic (they melt)

paint brushes

Heat gun. Great for heating up specific areas of wax.

heat gun

Encaustic paints. There are pre-made ones that are great to start with. You can also buy pigments and mix your own colors - just add to beeswax and damar resin.

encaustic paints

and be sure to get a fire extinguisher!



Ebates is a great way to save a little money on supplies and get $5 for signing up.



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• Cascadia-Institute.org has a new web sitecascadia-institute.org


a great place!




You can see a couple of my oil paintings here:

Oil Paintings:poplars and a road








bottles detail
part of something new

Fun With Wax

Here is a view of one of my fry pans, and my palette.

green landscape



Two details from encaustic paintings on canvas..



First Encaustic Paintings

A while ago I decided to explore encaustic painting. I was looking for something that was spontaneous like watercolor, but with the richness and depth of oils. So I went online and bought some supplies, and when they arrived, I dove in. It's been quite fun.

archaeopterix tail detail

wing detail



I've started a series of somewhat whimsical pieces. They are watercolor/gouache on watercolor paper, mounted on Masonite, with collage and then finally encaustic painting on the top. The wax adds a richness and depth to the watercolor. It also has the benefit of looking somewhat like oil paints.














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